Arth Picks: Best Locally Made Gifts for the Holidays


Tis the season for giving! Surprise your loved ones with locally made gifts from one of our favorite small businesses based in Wilmington, NC.

Tis the season for giving and this year my theme is shopping for locally made gifts. This is because my life and my brand are built around spotlighting the amazing makers and doers in the Wilmington community. Our creative community sparks so much joy for me — I hope you will be inspired to shop local too! Here are 5 locally-made gifts I am handing out this year. 

Cape Fear Rum Cake

You’ll love these tiny but decadent rum cakes made in the heart of downtown Wilmington. Try out the original Cape Fear Rum Cake golden vanilla, gingerbread, eggnog, or one of our all-time favorites — the cherry chocolate.

A Cape Fear Rum Cake on a platter
Cape Fear Rum Cake (FACEBOOK)

Lefler DesignStudio

These gorgeous handcrafted jewelry pieces are all made by artist Terri Lefler inspired by her adventures as a landscape architect and surfer. Personally, I cannot wear enough of her earrings. (Check out her story here.)

Terri Lefler poses with some of her handcrafted jewelry.
Terri Lefler of Lefler Design Studio.

River Organics

Check out River Organics — an amazing locally-made oil-based beauty brand. They have a range of beauty products, my personal favorite being their fig lip stain. I swear it is the perfect lip-matching color for everyone. 

Organic beauty products from River Organics.
River Organics beauty products (FACEBOOK)

Bones Soap Co. 

I fell in love with Bones’ Soap Co.’s Goddess Salve I bought at a local market, and recommend it to everyone. Check out their website to order something, or see where they will be selling next. They offer bar soap, coffee sugar scrubs, and more.

A variety of soaps made by Bones Handmade Soaps.
Bones’ Soap Co. (FACEBOOK)

Andrea Watson Designs

I always seem to find other Andreas — Andrea Watson Designs caught my eye when I found these earrings (see below.) Check out her Etsy page, as it is full of giftable jewelry. 

Earrings made by Andrea Watson of Andrea Watson Designs.

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