The Best Hot Chocolate Stops in Wilmington


‘Tis the season to find all the best, warm mugs of hot cocoa all around town.

At Arth Real Estate Group we take our hot chocolate pretty seriously. Homemade marshmallows? We think they’re a must.

Each year, we search for the best cups of hot cocoa — not just any old hot chocolate in a paper cup made with chocolate syrup. We are looking for the good stuff. Here are all the best hot chocolate stops in Wilmington, because baby, it’s cold outside:

Blue Surf Cafe

Available November through March, Blue Surf Cafe on Racine Drive and Military Cutoff Road has a fantastic gourmet hot chocolate. Choose between Old Fashion, peppermint, Nutella, peanut butter, caramel, Mexican, and coffee.

You can enjoy it to-go or sip it on their patio after a soup and sandwich. Your choice, but take our word for it and try a cup!

Veggie Wagon

Only at the Veggie Wagon would they make homemade marshmallows with local honey and drizzle them with all the decadent toppings. The hot chocolate bar at both the Carolina Beach and Masonboro Loop locations offers flavors such as original, Nutella, coconut bliss, salted caramel, spicy Mexican, peppermint, s’mores, and eggnog.

And while we’re on the topic of holiday-inspired drinks, Veggie Wagon also has bottles of homemade eggnog, gingerbread milkshakes, and apple cider that you can top with caramel.

Enchanted Airlie

Enchanted Airlie Gardens 2016 – – Photo by Brett Cottrell, New Hanover County

Full disclosure, Airlie Garden’s annual Enchanted Airlie is not somewhere you can simply drop by and grab a hot chocolate. After purchasing tickets several months in advance, we bring our own hot chocolate to Enchanted Airlie.

With the help of a designated driver, we celebrate the twinkling lights and holiday cheer in our favorite space with friends, drinking hot chocolate we may or may not have spiked.

Luna Cafe

Easily swap out your favorite holiday drinks from the big chain coffee cafes for Luna Cafe on Castle Street. Right now they even have a white chocolate snickerdoodle latte and of course, all the hot chocolate you could dream of in any flavor on their regular menu.

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